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  • 17 of the Best Sandy Beaches in Croatia You will love

    In this post You’ll discover “Europe's Secret Destination” Croatia and learn about its beaches, especially the ones covered with white
    and golden sand.

    Most of the Croatian coast has pebbled and rocky beaches to offer.

    People are asking themselves:
    “Where are the best sandy beaches in Croatia and do they even exist?"

    Here You will learn where they are hidden, get tips on every single beach and learn about the best places to go in Croatia.

    Let us inspire You to plan Your next Croatia holiday and spend unforgettable days at one of the TOP 17 sand beaches in Croatia.

    Let’s go!

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  • The 20 Best Places to Go in Croatia

    Featuring a long Adriatic Sea coastline and encompassing over 1,000 islands, the beautiful Eastern European country of Croatia offers something
    for everyone.

    Are you looking for amazing nature, sandy beaches, crazy nightlife, historical sites, welcoming people or cool sport activities? 

    Discover Croatia and enjoy in all of these! 

    Here are some of the best places to go in Croatia.

    Let's go! 

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  • Croatia- A Wine Lover’s Paradise

    Croatia is home to a number of fantastic wineries that have much to offer. Many of the best rated wineries are producing less than 50,000 bottles per year, which is a sign of the love and passion that goes into these wines. With state of the art facilities and wonderful varieties of grape Croatia is fast becoming a wine lovers paradise.

    Croatia is rapidly becoming one of the must visit destinations for holidaymakers in Europe, and with its long histroy as a winemaker, it’s a great place to visit if you love wine. The most popular varieties of grape include Malvazija Istarska, Plavac Mali and Refosco.

    The wine in Croatia has much history behind it with some varieties recorded as far back as the age of Ancient Greece. There are several hundred different wine regions, all with something special to offer wine lovers. Continental and Coastal are the two main wine ones, and within both of these wine regions there are lots of fantastic varieties produced.

    White wine is the wine of choice in Croatia with the vast majority of wines on offer being of this variety. Red wine is also widely available with Rosé wine making up just a tiny amount of the yearly production. Diluted wines are popular in Croatia with still and sparkling water both being popular dilution choices.

    When visiting Croatia there are several magnificent wineries that must be experienced in person. With production in small quantities you are unlikely to be able to find the wines on offer from these wineries in your local supermarket.

    Bibich, located in Sibenik, is a family run winery that offers you the chance to enjoy fine dining with your fine wine. This winery is basked in sunshine which help makes the most delicious blends of red and white wine. The Lucica wine is a fantastic variety and comes from vines that are over 50 years old. Each vine produces just half a bottle of wine per year, which is then aged for over a year in oak barrels.

    Katunar, on Krk Island, is breathtakingly beautiful. The Katunar family have worked together to blend together secrets passed down through generations with modern technology. This makes for a fantastic array of sparkling, red and white wines. The views from the Katunar winery span across the vineyards and are a perfect accompaniment to your wine tasting session.

    Specialist wine stockists will be able to find you some of your favourite blends when you return home, as both of the wineries mentioned above export some of their production. While you won't find them widely available you will be able to wow your friends with your wine tasting expertise at your next dinner party.

    Wine tours are another fantastic way to enjoy the delicious wines that Croatia have to offer. A guide will teach you about the expert families and the secrets that they have cultivated over the years. Whether you want to visit the plains of Slavonia, the coastal areas of Dalmatia or the hills of Istria there is a wine tour for you. Don’t delay, if you want to experience the delights of this fantastic wine producing nation, then book now.

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  • The best places to party in Croatia

    The Best Places to Party in Croatia Croatia is a fantastic all round holiday hotspot. You can take part in watersports, enjoy delicious local cuisine, visit stunning wineries, bask on the delightful coastlines on offer and even visit some fantastic, fun party destinations. Here is a rundown of the 5 best places to party when you are holidaying in Croatia. Aquarius, Zrce Beach, Pag Islands Aquarius, part of the amazing 3 day Sonus Festival, is also home to 24 hour beach parties. During the day you can enjoy the club as a friendly, laid back beach bar, complete with a fantastic restaurant and then in the afternoon the fantastic beach parties begin. Clubbing parties are held throughout the evening and there is something for all types of party animals to enjoy. Being located just 1.25 miles from Novalja makes this a fantastic party destination. The beach here is easy to access and the parties typically run for 24 hours allowing you to enjoy a fun evening with friends or see if you can last the distance! Club Papaya, Novalja Club Papaya has to be one of the most amazing open air beach clubs in Europe. This club is home to several different festivals and events throughout the year, as well as hosting parties too. The views across the Adriatic are stunning from here and nothing can beat partying in the open air. Each year you can take part in the big beach spring break event here which takes place in May and lasts for four amazing days. Carpe Diem, Hvar This is a fantastic place to relax on the beach by day and an amazing beach club by night. Carpe Diem has a blissful laid back vibe, which you would expect to find in Ibiza. You can dance and watch the sundown, enjoy an amazing clubbing session and even enjoy music from some world class DJs. Byblos, Porec If you want to enjoy your partying in opulent surroundings then Byblos is the club for you. This club was first opened in the 1960s and has undergone some transformations in the past. It is truly stunning now and on par with some of the best nightclubs in the world. You can enjoy house, cutting edge electronic and urban music as you dance the night away from 11pm - 6am. Rock Club, Uljanik, Pula If you are looking for something a little different when you are partying up a storm then the Rock Club is the place for you. In the evening you can relax in the bar and then the place really comes alive and the rocking can begin! This is a fantastic venue for fans of all different types of rock and you can rock out from 8pm - 6am with other like minded rockers. The best resort to visit, for partying, has to be Novalja which is the Croatian version of Ibiza. This is a must visit destination for fans of the clubbing and partying scene and you are sure to have a partying experience you will never forget.

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  • Historical Croatia - The 5 Best Sites to Visit

    Croatia is home to many beautiful historic sights and Croatia is also the proud holder of seven UNESCO World heritage sites. Any number
    of them could make it into our top 5, but here are some of our particular favourites.

    Split is home to the Palace of Diocletian. Dating back to Roman times Diocletian's Palace is considered one of the most imposing Roman ruins that the World has to offer.

    Diocletian's Palace is a historical complex which has now become the old town of Split. This area is home to beautiful restaurants, cafes and fantastic shopping. It really does have something to offer everyone whether you want to relax in beautiful historic surroundings or learn more about the history of Croatia.

    Learn more about Split, the Diocletian Palace and other Croatian historical cities on page about Croatia.  

    Would you like to visit one of the most beautiful pleces of Earth?

    If you come to Croatia, you cannot leave without visiting the National Park of Plitvice. This spot is made up of 16 impressive lakes that are breathtakingly beautiful.

    The Plitvice Lakes National Park lies at the bottom of vast arrays of rock, mostly comprised of limestone and dolomite, which gives the lakes their distinctive look. Throughout the day the lakes, which are separated by algae and moss, take on many different shades of green and blue. This is due to the ever changing angle of the light and also the amount of natural minerals that are found within the waters of each of the lakes. The natural history on display here is simply amazing and you’ll want to return again and again.

    Trogir is a beautiful medieval town that has stunning foundations and was founded in the 3rd century. The Romans expanded this beautiful town during the 13th and 15th centuries. Much of the foundations of this town have escaped the modernisation of the World and this makes it a must visit historic site of Croatia. There are Venetian undertones to many of the buildings, and surroundings, and the Trogir Cathedral is absolutely stunning. You should definitely make the time to visit if you can.

    Dubrovnik is a medieval walled city that has a mixture of Renaissance, Baroque and Gothic foundations. It was first founded in the 14th century but really came into its own during the 16th century when it was a rival for Venice.

    Many of the buildings were sadly destroyed during an earthquake back in 1667 but the Gothic walls remain. Running over 1 mile in length they surround most of the Old City and you can enter the main city gate for free.
    A stunning city that also has a brilliant beach, making it a place that has everything you could want out of a holiday!

    St. James Cathedral in Sibenik
    This is a Gothic-Renaissance Cathedral that was built between 1431 and 1535. The style was originally Gothic but then it was changed to Renaissance in the later parts of the build to allow for a beautiful hybrid mix. The mouldings of this Cathedral are stunning and it has been made using slabs of stone from the nearby island of Brac.

    If you’re in this part of Croatia, you won’t be disappointed with this place, it is simply magnificent. Because Croatia has some of the best beaches on offer in Europe, it can be easy to overlook the other aspects of what Croatia has to offer. With some of the most beautiful historical sites in Europe, don’t overlook them, they’ll make your holiday truly special.

    If you are looking for historical sites and beautiful beaches in Europe outside Croatia please have a look at our partnersite: Granco Gran Canaria, where you will find all the information and learn about this wonderful holiday destination.

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  • The 5 Croatian Dishes You Have to Try

    It may not be as well known in food circles as Spanish, Italian or French food, but Croatia is home t o a diverse array of different cuisines. Over the years there have been lots of different influences on the foods on offer here due to Croatia’s turbulent history.

    Today we are going to talk about the 5 traditional Croatian dishes that you have to experience for yourself.

    1. Pršut
    This is a type of dry-cured ham and features heavily in a number of dishes in Croatia. It can be enjoyed as a dish in itself, as part of a platter or as a snack in between meals. The Autumn and early Winter weather in Croatia helps this ham have its fantastic texture and taste. It is usually served in very thin slices, much like parma ham would be and has a lovely texture to it and it can be the basis of lots of delicious dishes. As it is salted it brings additional flavour to pasta dishes without the need for a heavy sauce.

    2. Pašticada
    This is a dish that originates from Dalmatia in Croatia. It is a meat based dish that has beef as the main ingredient. The beef is left to marinate for at least a day in herbs, garlic and locally produced red wine. Once marinated the beef is cooked alongside carrots, plums, onions and then cloves and nutmeg are added. This dish has a beautiful rich depth to it and the dark consistency makes it the perfect recipe for the cooler nights in Croatia. This dish is best served with potato and gnocchi is a local favourite accompaniment to this dish.

    3. Brudet
    This is another traditional dish that comes from Dalmatia. This is a fish stew that is usually made with a mixture of different fish found locally.The fish is layered in one pot and then it is topped with a beautiful rich tomato sauce. The Brudet is then cooked, without being stirred, at a low temperature, and it is then stirred with delicious polenta. A very basic but most delicious dish!

    4. Janjetina s ražnja
    This is a traditional cooking style for lamb that is the most popular method in Croatia. A whole lamb is roasted on a spit, above hot coals, and is rotated slowly to allow the lamb to cook in its own juices. The spit roasting allows for juicy, succulent lamb that is delicious with a variety of side dishes. The traditional side for this dish is a simple salad, usually with lots of leafy greens. This makes for a delicious hearty yet healthy meal that will give you the true taste of Croatian food.

    5. Fuži i pljukanci
    Fuži and pljukanci are different types of homemade pasta that are both traditional to Croatia. These pastas, which also come in a host of other different varieties are often served with game based sauces. In addition to the game sauce they are also often served with tartufi, which are beautiful truffles.

    There are many traditional dishes waiting for you to sample in Croatia. These are just 5 traditional Croatian dishes that you have to experience, there are lots more too on offer. Check out this blog post to discover other 10 Croatian dishes to try.

    Be adventurous and you won’t regret it!

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