The 5 Croatian Dishes You Have to Try

It may not be as well known in food circles as Spanish, Italian or French food, but Croatia is home to a diverse array of different cuisines. Over the years there have been lots of different influences on the foods on offer here due to Croatia’s turbulent history.

Today we are going to talk about the 5 traditional Croatian dishes that you have to experience for yourself.

1. Pršut
This is a type of dry-cured ham and features heavily in a number of dishes in Croatia. It can be enjoyed as a dish in itself, as part of a platter or as a snack in between meals. The Autumn and early Winter weather in Croatia helps this ham have its fantastic texture and taste. It is usually served in very thin slices, much like parma ham would be and has a lovely texture to it and it can be the basis of lots of delicious dishes. As it is salted it brings additional flavour to pasta dishes without the need for a heavy sauce.

2. Pašticada
This is a dish that originates from Dalmatia in Croatia. It is a meat based dish that has beef as the main ingredient. The beef is left to marinate for at least a day in herbs, garlic and locally produced red wine. Once marinated the beef is cooked alongside carrots, plums, onions and then cloves and nutmeg are added. This dish has a beautiful rich depth to it and the dark consistency makes it the perfect recipe for the cooler nights in Croatia. This dish is best served with potato and gnocchi is a local favourite accompaniment to this dish.

3. Brudet
This is another traditional dish that comes from Dalmatia. This is a fish stew that is usually made with a mixture of different fish found locally.The fish is layered in one pot and then it is topped with a beautiful rich tomato sauce. The Brudet is then cooked, without being stirred, at a low temperature, and it is then stirred with delicious polenta. A very basic but most delicious dish!

4. Janjetina s ražnja
This is a traditional cooking style for lamb that is the most popular method in Croatia. A whole lamb is roasted on a spit, above hot coals, and is rotated slowly to allow the lamb to cook in its own juices. The spit roasting allows for juicy, succulent lamb that is delicious with a variety of side dishes. The traditional side for this dish is a simple salad, usually with lots of leafy greens. This makes for a delicious hearty yet healthy meal that will give you the true taste of Croatian food.

5. Fuži i pljukanci
Fuži and pljukanci are different types of homemade pasta that are both traditional to Croatia. These pastas, which also come in a host of other different varieties are often served with game based sauces. In addition to the game sauce they are also often served with tartufi, which are beautiful truffles.

There are many traditional dishes waiting for you to sample in Croatia. These are just 5 traditional Croatian dishes that you have to experience, there are lots more too on offer. Check out this blog post to discover other 10 Croatian dishes to try.

Be adventurous and you won’t regret it!

Anna Tours: Ivan Peric - last update 8 July 2019


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