Link Research Tools - White Hat Seo Facebook group GIVEAWAY 2017

Today I am writing this post to announce that I am the lucky winner of an amazing giveaway from the company Link Research Tools, the most accurate and detailed link analysis tool company worldwide, and to officially thank Mr. Christoph C. Cemper, the founder of Link Research Tools, who made one of my dreams become reality.

I am not talking about a giveaway of an e-book or a free month of the tool, I am talking about a 2,5-day professional SEO training in Vienna. Nothing against e-books and free subscriptions. E-books are great and free subscriptions are awesome, but this is a really HUGE prize.

This is the biggest one I have won in my life!

The GIVEAWAY of this top SEO training in Austria comes with a lot of extra free bonuses and has a total value of 14522 euro!

By the completion of the search engine optimization training and the final exam, I'll become a Link Research Tools certified professional

  • Link Research Tools Professional SEO training in Vienna

    This big data company divides the courses and levels of knowledge into 4 categories:

    1.    LRT Associate

    2.    LRT Professional

    3.    LRT Expert

    4.    LRT Agency

    For each level of knowledge, there is an appropriate exam and a very well known and recognized certification in the world of SEO.

    Before the training in Vienna, I have a possibility to become an LRT Associate, watching a very well structured online course, containing a lot of short video clips, where Mr. Christoph teaches the basics of the toolset, containing competitive analysis, link detox and all the other functionalities that this online software offers. Once I earn the LRT Associate certificate, the next step is to become a certified Link Research Tools professional.

    The LRT professional training in Vienna will be held from 4 October 2018 to 5 October 2018 and the agenda is organized as follows:

    The first day of the training will be dedicated to competitor analysis and link audits, while on the second day I will have the opportunity to work on several websites I manage, for now, other sites and case studies.

    That's not all this company has to offer!

    For the next level, the LRT Expert, you have to create and work on a case study working with all the 25 tools included in LRT.

    When you have mastered all these steps, you can apply to become an LRT certified Agency.

    This is what I am aiming for. The TOP of the TOP!

    With this highly respected certificate and the most complete and accurate set of link building and link analysis tools you can find on the market today, the knowledge about SEO I have accumulated in the last 4 years and the knowledge that will skyrocket in Vienna, working one to one with the link building expert Christoph C. Cemper, I will become a lot better in search engine optimization and will be able to rank my sites faster and who knows, maybe one day I will also rank the sites of my actual competitors in tourism.

    Who knows, maybe one day, I will be a Link Research Tools expert, with a new company that offers SEO services in Croatia. I would love to have a little team for SEO and help other businesses rank their websites.

    I think that everything is possible. 

  • My way to the SEO World

    You are asking yourself what do I have with SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

    I'll try to be short.

    For those of you who don't know me, my name is Ivan Peric and I am one of the co-owners of Anna Tours, a holiday rental business in Croatia, founded in 1994 by my mother, Anna Peric. I am half Croatian, half German and I studied Economics of Tourism in Venice (Italy). Now I live and work in Croatia.

    From the first times of the Internet, I have been very fascinated by IT so I decided to create the first company website by myself. Four years later, the company needed a more complex solution with an integrated Content Management System, a booking engine and other necessary online applications for everyday needs of a travel agency, so I adopted one of the best available all-in-one solutions on the Croatian market.

    After my graduation in Economics of Tourism at the University Ca Foscari in Venice, I started with the idea to scale the vacation rental business from offering holiday rentals on the island of Krk to expanding the offer of apartments, holiday houses, villas with pools, hotels and other related services to the whole country of Croatia.

    Without my wonderful wife I wouldn't have taken this next step. She was the one who designed the first website mock-up from scratch and was the fuel that gave me the power to think bigger and develop the idea to create an online solution that would cover all the details included in the online agency system that we use today.

    From the beginning onwards, I was not happy with the results of the delivered website, especially with the results of the initial search engine optimisation. I wanted to be on the first page of Google and I wanted traffic, a lot of traffic and a lot of conversions.

    From then onwards, I have been studying the art or SEO by myself, investing time and money in the best available SEO courses and tools on the market

  • White Hat SEO the best Search Engine Optimisation Facebook Group

    For a big part of my actual SEO knowledge I thank Nikolay Stoyanov, a well-known and respected SEO specialist. He founded the White Hat SEO Facebook Group which today counts more than 15000  active members, and is growing rapidly.  The members of this online community are SEO experts from around the globe, online marketers, business owners, web developers, web designers and a lot of people who want to learn about this fantastic niche of internet marketing and start earning for living from it.

    I highly recommend joining the WHS group to everybody who wants to dive deeper into the world of SEO, make friends, laugh and have a lot of fun.
    You can join simply by clicking on the following link or copy it into your internet browser:

    Maybe you will be the next winner of a great giveaway.

    I wanted also to thank all the White Hat SEO group members, that helped me out with different topics. I haven't nominated all of them because they are in many and I didn't want to forget somebody. Thank you, girls and guys - you rock! 


  • Website optimisation the potential of growth

    For those of you who look at this website and think that it's not optimized yet and that there is still a lot of optimization potential, I think the same. 

    A year and a half ago, my wife gave birth to little Lucas so we were and still are occupied with our little one. Now I have two persons who give me the power and the goodwill to grow personally as well as professionally.

    In Link Research Tools I see a great opportunity to grow and change my life again.

Anna Tours


  • Leah Brown

    Relevant and Useful Blogs for Your Customers.

  • Sharon Jefferson

    I reached out several months ago about how explainer videos help and the unique issues they solve. My team has created thousands of marketing videos including dozens in your field. As you know, Google is constantly changing its SEO algorithm. The only thing that has remained consistent is that adding an explainer video increases website rank and most importantly keeps customers on your page for longer, increasing conversions ratios. Simplify your pitch, increase website traffic, and close more business. Should I send over some industry-specific samples? -- Sharon Jefferson Email: Website:

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