Croatia- A Wine Lover’s Paradise

Croatia is home to a number of fantastic wineries that have much to offer. Many of the best rated wineries are producing less than 50,000 bottles per year, which is a sign of the love and passion that goes into these wines. With state of the art facilities and wonderful varieties of grape Croatia is fast becoming a wine lovers paradise.

Croatia is rapidly becoming one of the must visit destinations for holidaymakers in Europe, and with its long histroy as a winemaker, it’s a great place to visit if you love wine. The most popular varieties of grape include Malvazija Istarska, Plavac Mali and Refosco.

The wine in Croatia has much history behind it with some varieties recorded as far back as the age of Ancient Greece. There are several hundred different wine regions, all with something special to offer wine lovers. Continental and Coastal are the two main wine ones, and within both of these wine regions there are lots of fantastic varieties produced.

White wine is the wine of choice in Croatia with the vast majority of wines on offer being of this variety. Red wine is also widely available with Rosé wine making up just a tiny amount of the yearly production. Diluted wines are popular in Croatia with still and sparkling water both being popular dilution choices.

When visiting Croatia there are several magnificent wineries that must be experienced in person. With production in small quantities you are unlikely to be able to find the wines on offer from these wineries in your local supermarket.

Bibich, located in Sibenik, is a family run winery that offers you the chance to enjoy fine dining with your fine wine. This winery is basked in sunshine which help makes the most delicious blends of red and white wine. The Lucica wine is a fantastic variety and comes from vines that are over 50 years old. Each vine produces just half a bottle of wine per year, which is then aged for over a year in oak barrels.

Katunar, on Krk Island, is breathtakingly beautiful. The Katunar family have worked together to blend together secrets passed down through generations with modern technology. This makes for a fantastic array of sparkling, red and white wines. The views from the Katunar winery span across the vineyards and are a perfect accompaniment to your wine tasting session.

Specialist wine stockists will be able to find you some of your favourite blends when you return home, as both of the wineries mentioned above export some of their production. While you won't find them widely available you will be able to wow your friends with your wine tasting expertise at your next dinner party.

Wine tours are another fantastic way to enjoy the delicious wines that Croatia have to offer. A guide will teach you about the expert families and the secrets that they have cultivated over the years. Whether you want to visit the plains of Slavonia, the coastal areas of Dalmatia or the hills of Istria there is a wine tour for you. Don’t delay, if you want to experience the delights of this fantastic wine producing nation, then book now.

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